Masternode - 5 MB/s Standard

As of 1st of August 2017, all Masternode servers will no longer deploy with unlimmited 100mbps connections, this is due to abuse.


As a result we have been forced to introduce  tier'd structure to connectivity and bandwidth, as such the following will now apply


As standard all servers will be connected at 5MB/s (This is approx 80 Mbps) @ £0.00 PCM
Available Upgrade I - Upgrade connection to 10MB/s (This is approx 150 Mbps) @ £2.50 PCM
Available Upgrade II - Upgrade connection to 15MB/s (This is approx 300 Mbps) @ £5.00 PCM

Total traffic (Bandwidth) will remain all you can eat based on your chosen service.



Q: Do i need to upgrade my connection
A: No

Q: Why are upgrades available
A: Unless your ordering for 6months or more you dont need an upgrade, if your purchasing longer term, this allows you to fix your costs now, rather than assume in 2years our packages will cost the same then as they do now.

Q: Are there any normal circumstances where i need a faster pipe
A: Yes, coins with big blocks and short spacing window could see improved performance with a faster pipe, however thats some specification to use up 80 Mbps as standard

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