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MP Hosting 2.0 - All Change

So its been a while since MP Hosting was founded, actually its been several years, as time has progressed and we have grown we finally got to a stage
that expansion and our current model was becomming unmanageable, so we took the plunge and its all change behind the sceans.


MP Hosting Private Dataspace

MP Hosting have teamed up with VeloxServ in the UK who provide our Dataspace, were pritty sure even they tell you expansion has been rapid, at Velox we operate our brand new FreeDom Cloud, a 
250+ Ghz Half TB Memory and over 20TB Of storage are located, the cloud powered by VMWare and ESXi is highly flexible, highly scaleable and highly reliable, no more renting servers from others, we own
all our own equipment outright, the only leases or rentals we have today, is one with Velox and another with Infinitium.



Our dataspace is carrier nutural, we have the ability to utalize the prodivers networking, as well as bring in our own connection options, things, intially powered totally by Velox Serv MP Hosting will scale over the course of the year to its very own 10GBPS Network and Open Peering Program.



Its in the works, more information soon.

New Services

Its always an exciting time especially when fundamental changes are at foot, thanks to the new dataspace were able to offer even more of the services you want but we coulndt initially provide, Miner Hosting, Co-Location, Customisable Dedicated Servers, thats right folks we did actually listen to your feedback.


April 28th - Were Going Live
On April 28th MP Hosting will enable all the new services globally, they are already active and becomming active, every day sees another server migrated into our infastucture, but we plan to be fully internal on or before April 28th and we look forward to sharing some Launch Offers with 

A Very Quick Shout Out,  to Craig at VeloxServ whos gone above and beyond during the initial deployments and helped us take the plunge into all this. We salute you sir

Stay tuned for further updates


Saturday, April 8, 2017

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