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 MPH Platform Tools (1)
These tools will only work with MP Hosting products, and are provided as is, you accept they may work or break your system if it does not conform to the template. You should backup any files before using this tool


Putty is an SSH Connection tool which can be used to access all Linux / Unix based services and servers from MP Hosting
Filesize: 810 kB
Visual Studio Code
VS Code is an open source code editor, it supports hundreds of types from code, from CSS and HTML to C+, Node and many others. Supprisingly for a Microsoft Product and it aint bad and is a firm in house favorite
Filesize: 32.8 MB
WinSCP Is a FTP and SCP File transfer program, allowing you to upload files to your server via FTP or SCP, plugs are also available to support WebDev and other services.
Filesize: 8.67 MB