Succeeding where others have failed.

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Crypto Orientated Services

Tailored to the needs to crypto to give you the best bang for your buck.

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Proven Technology

Powered by Xeon Series CPU's, SATA III and the latest RAM for blazing reliable and stable hosting.

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MPOS Pool Hosting

Full featured and powerfull pool platform compatible with SHA256 and Scrypt algos and python based stratum.

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NOMP Pool Hosting

With Support for X11/13 Vert nFactor Scrypt & SHA256 Support.
(Powerfull proffit switching comming soon)

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Design Services

Everything you need to customise your pool, we can meet the needs of the big and small and its all done in house.

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"More reviews as we get them"

Who Knows A Company

“The ordering process was painless and fast. In the past I've attempted to build pools and the process takes a long time. Configuring the build is the part I hate most. Not only was the pool ready to go after we made the purchase, but you deployed the source pretty damn fast..“

Don ManhattanMines

“More reviews as we get them“

Could Be You Planet Express Deliverys.
About MP Hosting

We started MP Hosting to fill the gap left by others, they proved it can be done, we want to do it right.